Theano: a graphic designer since I was 11 years old
Philippos: a pirate.
Sergios: I changed opinion too often.

Theano: Symi
Philippos: Patmos
Sergios: Patmos
There is no such day

Theano: I like soul music. Puts me in a good mood
Philippos: The Clash, Mano Negra
Sergios: Rock, alternative rock
PHILIPOS  – Architect
SERGIOS FOTIADIS  – Product designer
THEANO PETRIDOU – Graphic designer
In 2001 two brothers and a friend decide to join their love for design. For our designs we use materials such as cement, wood, ceramic, canvas, cotton, porcelain, felt, acrylic and metal.
Some materials are organic, others are sustainable. We get inspired by everyday life, people, history, tradition and the environment.

Make My Day – Stikke Hezelstraat 65-67 in Nijmegen
Meneer Tabak – Singel 393 in Amsterdam
Morning Tales – Junusstraat 45 in Wageningen