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For almost a year now Made By, Creative Label has been promoting Greek design on the Dutch market. And what a journey it has been! We had a successful kick off event in Amsterdam, we established cooperation with 10 concept stores throughout Holland, we visited many events, galleries and markets, had numerous trips between Greece and Holland and our team of designers has changed over the past couple of months.


Looking Back

Approaching an 1-year anniversary is always a good time to look back and learn from the things our journey showed us. Guess what we found out! We were missing 2 very important player in our business: the supplier & producer! From many designers we heard their struggles:

“sorry, we can not send the product to you, our producer did not produce it in time”

“we can not lower the wholesale price because our supplier charges us a very high price for the product”

“I want this specific design, but I can not find a producer in Greece, nobody knows how to make it!”


The supplier and producer turn out to be the key for designers to create growing businesses. Why? Finding the right one results in more stable production, more profit for the designer and more sales because of the competitive wholesale price.

Looking forward

So our next step is very clear: Made By, Creative Label will establish cooperations with suppliers and producers! Does this mean we don’t look for concept stores anymore? No, we still do! We continue to connect designers with concept stores in Holland. We just add suppliers and producers to our network so that designers can also get connected to them!

How will we do this? Through our automated matchmaking platform! Suppliers, producers and concept stores have a profile on our platform. Once a designers sends us his profile with portfolio and” writes down the material(s) he or she uses for the designs, the automated matching starts. The designer gets matched with potential suppliers and producers AND his or her portfolio is automatically forwarded to potential concept stores. After the matches have been made all have the ability to place orders and do payments through the platform. One simple sign up leads to instant business!

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Your profile on our platform

Our platform offers Greek designers the possibility to save time searching for reliable suppliers and producers, to save money because of our partnerships and most importantly: it gives them exposure in Holland .. a country famous for its design! If are reading this and think it might be interesting to have your profile added to our platform we are very happy to hear from you! Contact us by filling in our: contact form


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