Meet … Meneer Tabak

Meneer Tabak stands for affordable art and vintage! All products in the store are made in small quantities by young artists and designers.
Björn Tabak, the mastermind behind Meneer Tabak, is always hunting for those hidden talented youngsters in which he sees a great potential and future. Besides selling their products he also supports them with advice. This way he creates a platform for young creators.

Meneer Tabak has travelled quite a bit so far. It came to life because of a cooperation with 2 ladies in Utrecht. After that it moved to several pop-up locations and even to the living room of Björn! But for a while now it has landed in the centre of Amsterdam.

We are very proud that Björn has selected several items of our designers. A little while ago the handmade bags of Efi Dolcini, the lights of RDesign and the interior accessories of WeDesign have been added to the collection of Meneer Tabak. That’s why it’s about time to get to know Björn a little better. And this is what he said!

So tell us: how do you select your products?
Björn: “Once I start hunting I look for anything that I would like to place in my own home. I have to like something, otherwise it won’t sell. It needs to inspire me and be unique. No wholesale for me, just strolling on local markets or going to the homes of young artists.”

What item of our designers is your favourite?
Björn: “We are now selling the new collection of Efi. The bags are handmade and are made from special vintage fabrics. They are really nice, unique and different. You buy a very personal bag and that’s what I love.”


You are now the proud owner of Meneer Tabak. But what did you want to become when you were a kid?
Björn: “I wanted to be everything at the same time: a tourguide, actor, veterinarian and own a store. In the end I studies Tourism and claimed my first ticket to Turkey as a representative of a Dutch tour operator. I worked in that field for 4 years but then the idea of an own home and store started taking over.”

Have you ever been in Greece?
Björn: “I was able to work in Greece for 2 years as a tour operator. First on Crete and then on Lesbos. Lesbos is definitely my number 1 favourite! The island is beautiful, authentic, green and free from mass tourism. The locals are very pure and honest. More than once I got invited to join them for a fresh home-made meal. I already know where I’ll move to when I’m retired :-)!”

Speaking of food: what’s your favourite Greek dish?
Björn: “I love moussaka! You can eat it with everything and it’s always delicious! But you can also wake me up for a tasty Greek pita filled with souvlaki or gyros and fresh fries!”

We are super excited about this enthusiastic guy and his store! It’s really worth to pay him a visit at the Singel 393 in Amsterdam. You can visit from Wednesdays until Saturdays from 11:00 until 18:00 and on Sundays from 12:00 until 18:00. His collection can be admired online aswell @

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