Meet … Lu-st

Yessssss … we found another great store! This time in Delft, in the middle of the center. Lu-st, that stands for Lunch & Style, is a must-see for those that adore sustainable design and fair food!
The team behind Lu-st consists of Mirte van Eijl, Wesley Krabbedijk en Viona de Jong. They are all super enthusiastic and run their store with a contagious energy. Even when, on the one free day in the week, they do what others hate: accounting!

After 2 successful pop-up stores Mirte, Wesley and Vionna opened the doors of their permanent store in September on the Voorstraat 8 in Delft. Having a small lunchroom and an interior that is made out of 90% recycled material, a visit to Lu-st is a true shopping experience.

The collection of Lu-st is just as sustainable as the interior. The team believes in a better world, with less waste and more sustainable products. They resist against the trashing society and show people what can be made of recycled material.

That is why they focus on sustainability, recycling and a good story behind a product. But it doesn’t stop there. All 3 team members have to like the product! The collection is therefore a true reflection of the team.

Recently the eco-friendly upcycled accessories of our Little Rocks Designs have been added to the collection of Lu-st. We are very proud that the team of Lu-st fell for their colourful and unique designs!

Want to know more about Lu-st? Visit their website at: Or better yet: pay a visit to their store! You can drop by from Tuesday until Sunday between 9:00 – 18:00. On Thursdays their doors are open until 21.00.


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