Meet … 512 Nijmegen

A space with ideas for all fashion and design lovers! That’s how Jettie Wakker calls her store in Nijmegen. We couldn’t have described it better. What a nice, light space it is, that makes the hearts of every shopaholic beat faster.

What started out as Concept 5|12 at the Stikke Hezelstraat in 2013 has now become 512: a big space at the van Broeckhuysenstraat where the atmosphere is brought to the next level by the cooperation with T’s and Bleshyou. Because of these 3 initiatives under 1 roof, Jettie’s customers can hang around for some delicious drinks&bites from T’s and, besides clothing and design, they can now also shop for plants from Bleshyou.

Jettie wants to have a fun, creative unique and timeless collection in 512. With these words in the back of her mind she selects all the new products. The result: a mix of established and upcoming names AND the selection of 2 of our designers!

Recently, the designs of We Design and RDesign have been added to her collection. Show pieces being the “Umbrella” from We Design in the window of the store and the “Dog” of RDesign, which Jettie has baptised as “Sjaak”.

When we asked her which product from our designers makes her heart beat faster she had to confess: ” Sjaak, that gives such nice light, will be missed when he will get sold”.

We asked her to tell a little bit about herself. And guess what? This cheerful girl from Nijmegen grew up with the wish to become: a dancer!
But that’s not all. We also discovered that she has been to a place in Greece that we have never visited! She has travelled to the island of Kos and, according to her, it is a must-see destination. We guess we just need to trust her judgement and book a trip soon :-).

Want to take a look at the beautiful 512? That’s a great idea! The opening hours of the store are:

Monday 13:00-18:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-18:00
Thursday 10:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00

Online you can find 512 @

512 Nijmegen

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