Meet .. Mini Shopping Center of Cool

When strolling through the streets around the Dam Square in Amsterdam you suddenly find yourself in front of a cool place: the Mini Shopping Center of Cool. After 3 years of searching, starting a crowdfunding campaign and receiving some money from the bank, owner Natalie Semaka managed to turn this great location at the Gravenstraat into an even great store.

Natalie, who always wanted to be a world traveller, settled down in Amsterdam to set up her very own platform for artists and designers. She selects unique products that are new for her customers who should be surprised by special, out of the box items. And her selection procedure works! What you find at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool indeed is unique: from art to clothing, from small gifts to eye-catchers .. it’s all exclusively available at the store.

Natalie loved to have the oven glove coasters and deep platters of our VF Art&Design as an addition to the existing collection. For that reason these cement accessories are available now at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool and we are very happy they have found a beautiful spot in the store.

Do you want to get a truly unique shopping experience? Then we recommend you take a look at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool at the Gravenstraat 6. You can go there every day of the week, except for tuesdays when Natalie is enjoying her only day off. Online you can find the store at

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