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One of the fun things the team of Made By, Creative Label does regularly is shop spotting. In short this means that we each select a city with great shops and go there to find cool shops to collaborate with. On a sunny day this spring it was time for me to visit a city that has been on my list for a while now: Alkmaar.

Strolling through the streets behind the Waagplein, famous for its cheese market, I was drawn to a colourful window of a shop called O Shop. When I entered I saw a great collection and was greeted by the friendly staff. What a warm welcome!

I found out that Alkmaar is not the only proud owner of an O Shop. O Shop can also be found in Amsterdam and Haarlem. But because every shop has its own identity, it’s worth to visit them in all three cities. The basic collection, which consists of colourful O clocks and O bags, is complemented with other items according to the taste of each shop. This way they can surprise their customers with different items.

To complement their basic collection the team of O Shop selects unique items. That is why I informed them about the silver 3D designed jewellery of our AgSquare. The collection – awarded with the 2016 A’Design Gold award – is based on the 5 extincting animals and the moulds are 3D printed. And guess what? They instantly liked it! They liked the collection so much that it turned out very difficult to select a favorite design. That is why recently the whole collection has been added to the O Shop in Alkmaar.

Do you want to go and visit the shop? Then go strolling through the Fnidsen in Alkmaar, just like I did, and on number 91 you will find the shop. You can visit it on all days of the week, because even on sunday they are open. Online you can find the store @

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